Peter Reza


Navid's Big Question

Tips for Proposals

Lessons Learned from an Engagement Shoot

1. Keep It Simple

The beauty of a proposal is that it is all about the couple and their story. It's much easier to manage a shoot of  two people than a shoot of 2 people and all their friends. Now, I'm not saying you should not have friends at you shoot(this couple did and it worked out fine), just keep mind, that the more people you have the harder it will be to manage them. 

2. Don't forget the Ring

I know. I know. "How could you forget the ring?" Sometimes it isn't feasible to hide a ring on your person. In this case they were both getting ready for a "Couples Portrait Session" and Navid would be getting ready with Irene. He didn't want to take the risk and had a friend meet us there with the ring. But in typical Houston fashion, there was an accident that set back the shoot 30 minutes. 

3. Always Do a Dry Run

We both went to scout the location but given this was a short notice shoot we did not go together. This meant we relied on crude and cryptic text messages to give direction and work out last minute details.

No matter what goes wrong, stay calm and focus on the couple. Their reactions will be what's remembered.